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Why a careersite? Employer branding and more benefits

Good candidates are scarce, so how do you commit them to your organisation? Build your employer branding, with a careersite where you can offer all the important information. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of the website, to give candidates the best Candidate Experience.

Organisations we work for look for good findability on their job postings and like to receive high-quality applications. They want to maximise returns with minimal effort, by having recruiters very efficiently appeal to the best candidates. The careersite is well suited for this purpose. At least, if you use it in the right way.

Why a careersite?

What are the important reasons for organisations to use a careersite? We list the 5 most important reasons for you:

  • Better findability on job postings
  • Higher quality applications
  • Clear proposition
  • Showing who you are as an organisation
  • Working on your employer branding

The latter is an important objective for more and more organisations: working on their employer brand. Something the NS, for example, is doing extremely well. The careersite not only has the familiar corporate identity, but it also has the same setup as the well-known travel planner and the rest of their website.

Moreover, it is more than just a place with for job postings. Organisations face the challenge of showing who they are. And provide applicants with the best candidate experience from initial contact through to actual employment. That starts with the online presentation, to make an excellent first impression.

Familiar corporate identity and more benefits

The careersite is an important first step in the Candidate Experience. Use your corporate identity, or include familiar elements in the way the NS has done. In addition, it offers our customers a number of other important benefits:

  • Room for storytelling and experience.
    Job openings are not just about vacancies that need to be filled. Organisations work with a vision and a shared motivation. To provide customers with the best journey and experience, which needs everyone pulling in the same direction. It needs to give candidates a feel for it, through storytelling and providing an online experience. For example, with corporate videos that show the world behind the scenes. Or with quotes from enthusiastic employees, sharing their personal stories.
  • Transparency of the organisation
    The careersite offers much more space than a short job posting, for example, to be transparent about the organisation. What the work atmosphere is like and the key answers to the question “why”? Give candidates the virtual tour, with stories about what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Impression of company culture
    Both storytelling, transparency and actual job postings give an impression of the company culture. Thanks to the tone-of-voice, the information the organisation shares and the way you can apply as a candidate. So that candidates subconsciously experience whether the corporate culture is a good fit for them. Good for the Candidate Experience while improving the quality of job applications.

Careersite: integration by Ubeeo

Wondering how we at Ubeeo build the best careersites? As far as we are concerned, the key to success is seamless integration. Within the same domain and without separate forms or other websites that need to be integrated.

Precious statistical data would easily be lost. While reliable data is vital for our clients’ recruiters. With insight into effectiveness and to provide candidates with the most valuable information. Always in the same corporate identity as the rest of the website and other corporate communications.

Enthusiastic about the careersite and curious about how to use it to work on your employer branding? We would be happy to tell you more about the options for implementing integrated solutions. Both for the best Candidate Experience and to offer you the data you need to make the right decisions. Contact us, we would love to hear from you.