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Internal mobility

Avoid losing knowledge and expertise.

Prevent unnecessary employee turnover and retain knowledge and experience within the organisation. Enable current employees to apply first internally or offer relocation or job mobility opportunities for candidates seeking a new challenge within the organisation. Our module for internal mobility focuses inward.

Integrate Ubeeo within the organisation’s HR system. Make it easier to search for the ideal candidate among your own people. Avoid losing valuable knowledge and experience and skip the added training period if possible. It’s faster, better and, at the end of the day, financially beneficial.

Prevent unnecessary employee turnover

Invest in internal mobility and prevent unnecessary turnover. It’s a shame to let employees leave when there are new internal job opportunities that would suit them well.

Retain employees within the company, as well as their knowledge and experience. Find a match within your own company (first) before looking outside.

Fill vacancies internally with your own candidates. Use our module for internal mobility or develop a mini-site . This shows internal vacancies and processes internal applications, invisible to the outside world.

For everyone or specific candidates

Make the vacancies available to all employees or specific candidates. Give priority to mobility or relocation candidates or open up the application process to everyone. You decide, even down to individual job postings if necessary.

Make the process of matching easier

Use our matching-module to make it even easier. The module automatically points to the candidates with the best match. Discover who within the organisation best suits the available vacancy.

Match based on the title, text and location of the job posting. Or broaden the search by adding assessments and even soft skills or competencies. Ubeeo proposes the best match, although of course you make the decision yourself. Fill vacancies and increase employee satisfaction.