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Employment conditions proposal

Agree employment conditions faster.

Anyone who can count to 10 can draw up an employment conditions proposal in Ubeeo. Avoid spending unnecessary time. Avoid spending unnecessary time and prevent last-minute cancellations by candidates, which could delay their ability to start employment until the next month. Create a proper employment conditions proposal with Ubeeo in just over a minute.


Employment conditions proposal in just a minute and a half

In just over a minute, you can now generate a legally airtight, clear employment conditions proposal, which you can also have checked to prevent errors.

Make it easy for yourself with Ubeeo. It doesn’t matter if you work with one, none or multiple collective labour agreements. Based on the vacancy, an employment conditions proposal will automatically be ready for you. From now on it’s just matter of filling in the blanks.

Of course, Ubeeo supports pay scales, salary based on hours and salary based on full-time equivalent (FTE) and any secondary employment conditions you want to add.

Trust the four-eyes principle

The employment conditions proposal is a legally binding document. So you want to avoid errors. That is why Ubeeo presents you with a tailor-made proposal, which you can personalise yourself with simple selection fields.

Thanks to the four-eyes principle, you won’t overlook anything and can easily make adjustments where necessary. You don’t have to draw up a completely new employment conditions proposal.

On a silver platter

Employment conditions proposals are not contracts. So avoid any unnecessary legal jargon and endless terms and conditions that no one reads.

The proposal is ready to be presented on a silver platter. The automatically generated PDF in a user-friendly layout designed with the corporate identity of your organisation, incorporates all the necessary information for the candidate.

Agreement in the candidate portal

Candidates receive the proposal in their candidate portal. Here they can view the proposal, as well as approve or query it. If the candidate approves the employment conditions proposal? Then the process of onboarding starts. This can even be done automatically.