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Process accelerators

More productive, in less time.

Can it be done faster? Is it possible to make it cheaper? Or can it be automated? The questions we receive often result in pragmatic solutions to everyday problems in the recruitment process. On this page you will find a number of our process accelerators. 

Contact applicants quicker

It’s frustrating when you want to quickly contact good candidates and you can’t. More and more applicants don’t answer their phone if the telephone number is not recognised. Or they don’t regularly read their emails. Our WhatsApp integration solves this issue. You can easily send a message and they will generally respond quickly.

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Schedule interviews quicker

Scheduling interviews a time-consuming step in the process? In Ubeeo ATS you can invite candidates and interviewers automatically. They receive the same type of invitation as when you send an invitation directly from Outlook and Google Calendar. I can even be done faster than that! Candidates can choose a time slot during via real-time scheduler

Candidates can apply easily with mobile

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Confirm employment contracts faster

Creating an employment contract can be time-consuming. Because candidates might have to quit their current job, this can easily delay the hiring process by an additional month. Ubeeo ATS gives the option to offer all relevant employment conditions to the candidate in a clear proposal. This allows them to end their current job more quickly.


Quicker insight into the competencies of candidates

The quality of matches improves if, in addition to work experience, location and skills, competencies can also be taken into account. Insight into competencies often requires an (online) assessment. These assessments take a lot of time and are too expensive to use at the start of the recruitment process. This isn’t the case for Traicie. In Traicie, competencies are highlighted via the CV and motivation letter.