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Recruitment in education

Specially for schools and universities.

The best candidates drop out because of an unsatisfactory candidate experience, especially in (higher) education. A strong employer brand makes all the difference. Choose Ubeeo for a user-friendly ATS with smart and advanced options.

Combine pre-selection questions with online assessments to recruit and select the best candidates. And use our smart solutions to search and match, anonymously if preferred, and therefore inclusive. This works individually and for committees that assess candidates.

National and international recruitment, externally as well as internally. Ubeeo is designed for internal mobility and for vacancies that you want to give a broad reach via Google for Jobs or job boards. Increase your visibility and strengthen the employer brand, simply with just one solution.

We understand education

We supply our recruitment software to all kinds of educational institutions. This includes colleges and universities, so we speak the same language. Recruit via job boards, social media or internally on your own Intranet. It all works just as easily and integrates seamlessly.

Offer candidates the best candidate experience. We have thought this out from A to Z to make it as easy as possible for candidates. Without any obstacles that increase the drop out rate, it is easier to retain people, so as not to lose valuable talent.

Ask us to develop a careersite or integrate Ubeeo within an existing website. We integrate without any issues whatsoever and also arrange the (continuous) measurability. This way you will know exactly what works. And why it works.

Expand your reach easily with our direct integrated solutions with Meesterbaan for secondary schools, Werkenbijhogescholen for colleges, and with Academic Transfer for universities. Find the candidates you are looking for via the education job boards.

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GDPR-proof and ISO-certified

You are automatically GDPR-proof because we’ve done our homework. So you can be sure that everything is correct and according to the latest regulations. Moreover, we are ISO-certified, so we use processes according to the necessary quality standards.

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.

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For the entire educational institution

Use Ubeeo for the entire educational institution, including all faculties. Enable them to work better together, thanks to one solution that works for everyone. In doing so, you also strengthen the employer brand more broadly.


Also for internal mobility

Recruit just as easily among your own employees as from external candidates. Ubeeo helps improve internal mobility within the educational institution. We help keep talent loyal, thanks to a positive candidate experience if they decide to look for a new challenge.

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