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Ubeeo recruitment software

Ideal for SME.

Ubeeo makes applying for jobs easy, for candidates and for organisations. Together with Van Spaendonck and their and CoPilot, we developed a version especially for SMEs. Discover our recruitment software solution, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Choose CoPilot by Van Spaendonck or use via the major accounting firms. Experience the convenience of Ubeeo, with innovations and maximum ease of use, as offered for medium-sized and large organisations.

We believe that small organisations should also be able to use this. That is why we work together with Van Spaendonck, who markets it for us via their own labels. Together we are stronger, so discover Van Spaendonck and CoPilot. Or ask for

Make job searching easy

Our partnership in recruitment software for SMEs makes applying for jobs easy. Candidates have little time, often have multiple applications pending and prefer to spend as little time as possible on this. ‘Don’t make me think’, is the motto.

The vast majority searches for jobs online. In fact, a growing number of candidates is doing this on a mobile device. This requires smooth online and mobile systems that work exactly as the user expects.

Candidates can apply using a QR code or a link that has been provided. Anyone who scans the code or clicks on the link can immediately start the application. The less clicks, the less likely it is that candidates drop out prematurely.

Candidates can start their application on their mobile phone and, if necessary, finish it on the PC. If they want to complete the application later or, for example if the person does not have the CV available at the time.

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Promote on job boards and Google for Jobs.

Reach as many candidates as possible effortlessly with Ubeeo, via Van Spaendonck and their CoPilot or Promote vacancies on the best-known job boards, integrate with Google for Jobs and LinkedIn.

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.

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close monitoring: attention to the application process

Always stay on top of things, with maximum attention to the application process. Thanks to the clear calendar and schedule, you will never overlook anything again. And use automatic contact moments, so you no longer have to think about it yourself.


GDPR-proof and cost-effective

Our recruitment software is 100% GDPR-proof to the core. It’s important to us, so you have one less thing to worry about. Work safely and according to the legally required retention period. Moreover, you only pay for what you need, so it’s also very cost-efficient