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Schedule interviews

Make it easier to invite candidates for interviews.

Send an interview request or proposal for a job interview the same way you create a Teams meeting. You can send invitations to candidates and interviewers in Ubeeo with just the click of a button. Or use the realtime-scheduler. Candidates then schedule a time slot themselves that suits them.


No more hassle with synchronised calendars

Compare calendars, propose an appointment, confirm the appointment, have the meeting, then confirm in the recruitment system when the meeting took place. At Ubeeo, we reckon the process is a bit cumbersome.

In Ubeeo therefore, you send smart invites by Cronofy. You see who is available and when, create the appointment and send the candidate and interviewers the same invitation. After the meeting, everything is automatically registered, so you don’t have to worry about that

If a candidate or interviewer wants to postpone or change the appointment? Easy. That can be done in Outlook or Google Calendar.

Completely up to date

Are you scheduling a meeting which you will not be attending personally? You will receive a message if a candidate or interviewer is unexpectedly unable to attend. This way you stay fully informed, even if you are not participating in the meeting. The Ubeeo dashboard also shows you all the appointments you have scheduled.

Include meeting-link in the invitation

Prefer to schedule meetings or job interviews digitally? Ubeeo generates links for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cammio. Send the meeting link instantly, so that everyone always has all the information at hand.

Candidates can schedule their own times

How do you know for certain if a candidate is available? By letting candidates schedule their own meeting or job interview.

Thanks to realtime scheduling by Cronofy in Ubeeo, the emphasis is now on the candidate. Candidates schedule a time that suits them. Interviewers enter their availability in advance, i.e. the different time slots candidates can choose from.