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Livechat support

Help when you need it.

Ubeeo strives to keep the ATS as simple as possible, but occasionally, users may encounter problems that hinder their progress or faces uncertainties. Then it’s nice to be able to get help immediately without being sent from pillar to post. That’s why we give the option to chat to our support team!

Support in the application

Ubeeo ATS offers all users access to the support widget. This widget provides support to users in three ways: contextual description of the screens, automatic answers to frequently asked questions and live chat.

Our chatbot is called Berend

Support bots? That’s generally the initial response. We definitely don’t want to remove personal contact altogether. Berend, because that’s the name of our little bot, can give suitable answers to frequently asked questions. Users receive support via chat faster this way. Berend also helps us to clarify the questions we’re getting, so we can tackle them faster.

Contact a specialist via chat

Every Ubeeo ATS user has access to our chat, though it’s not necessary for using the application. It is especially important at times when you as a user just can’t figure something out. The chat is available during office hours and if you have a question outside office hours and Berend does not have an answer, the question will be answered immediately by one of our customer support specialists the next working day.

Armand Boets

Customer Support Specialist

Harry Breugom

Customer Support Specialist