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Online assessments

Assess objectively and make the best choice from candidates.

Online assessments provide more insight into the competencies and (soft) skills of candidates. And they also prevent unconscious biases, so the assessments contribute to inclusive recruitment. Thanks to objective scoring, you avoid unconscious subjective impressions from recruiters and hiring managers.

Ubeeo the concert master

An online assessment may include tests such as cognitive skills tests, personality tests, skills tests and situational judgment tests. In Ubeeo you bring all those tests together to manage the online assessments from one place.

Benefit from our integrated solutions with providers of online assessments.

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Follow the progress

Invite candidates from Ubeeo for the online assessment. Track the candidate’s progress and automatically receive results as they complete the steps. The results vary from a simple pass or fail to specific scores on measured competencies.

Make informed decisions more easily, based on the results of assessments and gain insight into the candidates with the best scores and results, to take the next step with them.

Ubeeo is fully equipped for inclusive recruitment.

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Matching for upcoming job postings

Use the results from assessments, with the candidate’s permission, for better matching for subsequent vacancies. Does a candidate not appear to be the best choice for this vacancy? Take the results into account in a subsequent matching for a new vacancy. Add the assessment score to the rest of the candidate profile.


A system for all candidates

Add the assessment score to the rest of the candidate profile. They view and track their entire application process in one place, including online assessments and results. Candidates can also simply start their online assessment in the candidate portal.