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Ubeeo recruitment software

Ideal for organisations with 1,000+ employees.

Ubeeo can handle the more complex recruitment processes. It stands to reason that the largest organisations, educational and healthcare institutions choose our recruitment software. We are at our best when the numbers of vacancies, candidates and users increase.

Ubeeo comes with excellent guidance and support as standard. This applies to user questions that we answer immediately and more complicated challenges that we tackle straightaway if necessary. If you are looking for the best available solutions, then you should at the very least consider Ubeeo.

Specially configured for complex recruitment processes

Our recruitment software is robust yet agile, with all the
possible configurations available. We configure the software specifically for your organisation or institution, paying attention to each process and all specific preferences.

Consider the various integrated solutions you wish to use. And discover all the additional integrated solutions we offer that you hadn’t even considered yet. From partnerships to integrated solutions: we have it covered.

We are used to working with demanding organisations at the highest level. Ubeeo is the recruitment software for high volume and complex processes. We make it easy with software that works.

We know laws and regulations, as well as other requirements within healthcare, education and business. And with our focus on compliance, we know exactly what the largest organisations require from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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For large numbers of vacancies, candidates and users

As the number of vacancies, candidates and users increases, we grow in strength. That is what we are strong at, where other solutions start to falter. Anyone who sets high standards for a careersite, referrals and integration with job boards, has come to the right place.

Candidates can apply easily with mobile.

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Professional job market communication

Expand the employer brand. Use a strong careersite that really works and give candidates the best Candidate Experience. Professionalise job market communication.


Excellent support

Ask a quick question about using Ubeeo through our Live Support or ask our own developers for more detailed information. Thanks to direct lines with our programmer-lab, we can solve any problems presented to us. We can even be one step ahead of you.

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