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Employees can recommend candidates.

If employees do not want to apply themselves but know a suitable candidate, they can recommend him or her. Ubeeo supports referrals. These are referrals from employees to candidates who match the profile you are looking for a vacancy.

Recommendations at the click of a button

A special Referral button for vacancies makes it easier for employees to recommand someone for vacancies. Use Referrals for (internal) vacancies to target a broader audience. As soon as employees see vacancies they wish to recommend someone for, they can do so instantly.

The Referral button also fits well on a page on the Intranet with an explanation of the Referral program. Explain to employees how you would like to search for new candidates through them. And why it might be an interesting recommendation in their opinion.


Information about the person making the referral and the candidate

Ubeeo supports Referrals in many ways. Use a Referral button for vacancies or set up a special page with description. We collect information about the person making the referral and the recommanded candidate. You can even set up automatic emails to streamline communications within the Referral program.