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To measure is to know

Effective use of recruitment data.

When using recruitment software, you inevitably collect data – information about candidates, vacancies, and application procedures.How do you store and process the data and convert it into valuable insights? Ubeeo ATS offers four smart data tools to optimise data collection, data processing and data presentation 


XLGrid: no more Excel

Recruiters like to use Excel to create their lists. Data that is quickly accessible, easy to edit and add columns and filter data in just a few mouse clicks. In an ATS it’s rarely that straightforward.

But Ubeeo is different! Our ATS has all the lists and useful functions you’re familiar with in spreadsheets. And it’s even easier to use. It’s called XLGrid, pronounced [Excel-grid]. You will no longer need Excel. Promise.

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Ubeeo Analytics: business-intelligence dashboard

You want to stay on top of the progress throughout the entire recruitment process. How many current applications are pending, what is the turnaround time and are there differences between departments, countries, recruiters or functionalities? And what are the reasons for rejection and have they changed since a certain date?
We collect all this data in. It is a set of reports based on cloud analytics from Qlik Sense. It helps you make data-driven decisions based on valuable insights.

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.

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Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects all conceivable information about the behaviour of visitors on the website. The Ubeeo ATS enriches this data with applicant progress data

From now on, measure the number of site visits of applicants up to and including accepted or rejected profiles. Improve your communications and recruitment policy based on insight into the full Candidate Journey


Candidate-satisfaction-surveys (CSS)

Measure the quality of the application process with candidate satisfaction surveys (CSS). Use it as a valuable addition to your quantitative analyses.

With the Ubeeo ATS you send an invitation for a candidate satisfaction survey at the end of the application procedure. You can use your own forms or our integration using Starred.