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Recruitment for (local) government

Specially for municipalities, provinces and the government.

Choose an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that specifically meets the needs of (local) authorities. Ubeeo is the preferred choice for more and more government organisations. We are ISO certified, completely GDPR-proof and are WCAG2.1AA compliant.

Use selection committees, for new candidates and for internal mobility. We integrate seamlessly with all well-known HR systems, such as AFAS, ADP and Visma. We now make it as easy as possible for both local authorities and their candidates, with a solution that works

In the careersite that seamlessly integrates into anonymous matching for inclusive recruitment, and assessing candidates to scheduling interviews: we have already taken care of it. This results in recruitment software that makes it easy for everyone, recruiters and others within the organisation, as well as internal and external candidates

We understand government organisations

Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and meet all other conditions when it comes to certifications and qualifications. Furthermore, we excel when it comes to job marketing and referrals, for example with Google for Jobs and the most popular job-boards. We help you increase your reach, to recruit as widely as possible.

Internal mobility is sometimes just as important as external recruitment. With us, it works effortlessly side by side. Our strength lies in the candidate experience, for everyone in and outside the organisation. Recruit internally or make the job post available to everyone. Build a strong employer brand and increase loyalty among your own employees.

If it can be done better and faster, then we’re happy. Unnecessary complexity is a waste of time, so we are happy to solve that for you. Ubeeo is user-friendly and straightforward, because we know what is important and make sure everything behind the scenes is in order. So you don’t have to worry about anything unnecessarily.

Good measurability is essential for recruitment campaigns and further optimisation for the next vacancy. That is why we make the most important things measurable, with more attention to what really matters. Manage based on the most important KPIs, using data that indicates exactly where things are going wrong and what is going well.

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Integrate with a careersite

Ask us to build an integrated careersite in WordPress. Or indicate which website you already use and we will integrate it. You decide, because we like to be flexible. The whole works together seamlessly to provide candidates (internal and external) with the best candidate experience possible.

Candidates can apply easily with mobile

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100% WCAG2.1AA-compliant

Choose Ubeeo and be instantly 100% WCAG2.1AA-compliant. And we mean that literally, thanks to our score of 50 out of 50 awarded by the Dutch Accessibility Foundation. This saves the costs on submitting a new request, as well as the full implementation costs. Ubeeo fully meets the accessibility requirements people who are blind or deaf and, for example, anyone with dyslexia or another cognitive disability.


Effortlessly schedule interviews

Candidates can schedule a time themselves. Avoid endlessly having to coordinate agendas, and engage in conversation quicker. It saves time and effort. Invite candidates for an interview on site or easily share a Teams link.

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An employment conditions proposal in just a minute

The employment conditions proposal on 1 A4 and ready in a minute: wouldn’t that be great? With Ubeeo it’s possible. We like to make it easy by quietly doing our homework down to the last details.

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