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Vacancies at Ubeeo in Rotterdam.

At Ubeeo we build and sell recruitment software to support the entire recruitment and selection process. For our clients and their candidates.

We make recruitment software easy

Ubeeo supports the entire recruitment and selection process: from employment market communication to drawing up the new employee’s contract.

Regardless of the fact that Ubeeo contains only one source code (Oracle) and is provided as a service, there is a lot of room to adapt the application according to the client’s wishes. The app can be fully configured. We are continuously developing new functionalities. Sometimes at the request of clients, but often because we want to get ahead of these types of requests: always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative.

The application was built on Oracle and Java technology. Data is stored in an Oracle database, the processing logic was written in a combination of Oracle PL/SQL and Java. ExtJS is used for the display on the screen.

Work from home or in the office

Based in our office in Rotterdam (25 people) we work for an excellent client base, including Albert Heijn, the Mandemakers Group, Totalcare (CSU, T-Zorg, Zizo), ‘s Heeren Loo, T-Mobile, Municipality of Utrecht, Erasmus University and the NS (Dutch Railway).

In Rotterdam we have an office in the lovely Hulstkamp building along the Maas river. Working from home is also an option that we regularly make use of. We stay in contact with each other through Slack and email. But we prefer to see and speak to each other at the office because working closely together definitely adds value!

What do we find important?

Our way of working within Ubeeo is based on 5 simple principles: Follow up on your promises, you must meet your deadlines, enjoy your freedom, trust each other and make sure that working is fun!

Obviously we have to stay honest here. Otherwise, how can you decide if our way of working appeals to you or not? Nobody is perfect, and of course there are instances when we don’t manage to abide by all 5 principles. Anybody can miss a deadline at some point, and let’s you’ve spent countless hours dealing with a difficult query, struggling to find a solution for a client, then work isn’t always fun either. It happens. But we don’t just ‘turn away’ clients without trying. Even when it appears to be an impossible task. We can be stubborn sometimes. But this is how we learn and always continue to improve, and that’s a great reason to enjoy going to work every day.

What makes us happy?

From building fun new things, further improving the application, increasing the user experience for candidates and improving the user-friendliness for recruiters, difficult questions from clients, or just an afternoon with a few colleagues ‘playing around’ until a site works exactly the way we want it to…

We are keen to talk to you if you…

  • graduated with at least a HBO Bachelor degree;
  • have experience with Oracle and Java programming;
  • you don’t get nervous when you hear terms like ExtJS, PL/SQL and Spring. In fact, you are comfortable using these tools and enjoy working with them.
  • your spoken and written level in Dutch and English is good;
  • (and… you are not allergic to dogs, more specifically Cesar, our office labrador). 

Interested in working with us?

Then call Barbara van Nimwegen on the following phone number: +31 (0)10- 820 29 10.

Our job vacancies