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Send messages with Ubeeo in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp connection gives you another fast communication channel with your candidates. Younger applicants in particular check their WhatsApp far more regularly than their email. This makes getting in contact and scheduling interviews much faster.

Chat with a candidate

Before starting a chat with a candidate, the candidate first gives their “approval”. This was set up by WhatsApp so that employers cannot simply send candidates an infinite number of messages.

Providing this “approval” is very easy.  To start a conversation, first send a template message to the candidate. Once the candidate responds to the template message, you have 24 hours to chat freely.

The 24 hours start again every time you receive a message from the candidate.

Overview of your Whatsapp contacts

On your Ubeeo dashboard you can instantly see if there are any new messages you can respond to. Ubeeo also gives a complete overview of all conversations you have access to.