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Recruitment for retail

Specially for shops, supermarkets and retail chains.

How do you make it easier to attract new staff for the stores? Offer candidates the best candidate experience. We are proud when retail organisations we work with tell us that they never have to close their store due to staff shortages.

Short forms and mobile job applications make it easier for candidates, and if they don’t pick up their phone or read their emails daily, you can contact them via WhatsApp. In the meantime, you can use referrals just as easily as Google for Jobs and the most important job boards.

Ubeeo is your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for recruitment and selection. This applies to new candidates from outside as well as all internal mobility. We make it easy for you to fill vacancies, thanks to software that is perfect down to the last detail

We understand retailers

Trust employees to post vacancies at store level themselves, without the necessary training. Everyone can use it, to recruit cashiers or sales staff. We also use short forms, we’ve reinvented mobile job applications and you can easily speak to candidates via WhatsApp.

A short form is a good form. Candidates don’t have a lot of time and can easily get distracted. Every field added gives more time to stop prematurely. Therefore, we keep it short and candidates can complete mobile applications later on the computer.

How do you reach candidates who haven’t read their email or answered the phone? Many retail organisations have trouble contacting their new candidates. Therefore, we also use WhatsApp, all available in one communication platform.

Ask existing employees to recommend others. Use referrals as intended, straightforward and accessible. Your sales staff, cashiers and other employees probably have the next ideal candidate ready and waiting.

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Ideal for large numbers of vacancies and users

Retail organisations recruit a relatively high number of new employees. Employee turnover is high, due to the type of jobs posted for a large proportion of the vacancies. This is not a problem in Ubeoo. You pay a fixed price based on the size of the organisation, regardless of how many vacancies you post.

Manage all your job marketing using Ubeeo

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Mobile job applications reinvented

More than 50% of the job applications start off on a mobile device. The start is where it usually ends though, because the candidate experience often isn’t quite up to standard. Candidates can start their application on their mobile phone and then complete it on the computer. Handy, if you need your CV for example.


GDPR-proof and ISO-certified

We are 100% GDPR-proof. And now you are too, and you don’t need to do a thing. Nice and easy, and compliant with current regulations. We are also ISO certified, so we offer guaranteed quality when it comes to our processes. 

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