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Candidate experience

Deliver a positive candidate experience with Ubeeo and ensure happy candidates.

If everything is right, integrated seamlessly, and works together flawlessly, you won’t notice a thing. But a lot of thought has gone into it behind the scenes.

It’s the same for the candidate experience. Thanks to our efforts, you can remove any unnecessary, frustrating hurdles for your candidates. A walk in the park, and a homerun for you as an employer.


Offer candidates the best

Offer a great candidate experience, because it makes sense. From vacancy to employment conditions proposal, on a careersite that works: Ubeeo makes job applications easy.

We optimise at a micro level, because we regularly go through the processes ourselves. No amateur errors, like neglecting the fact that ‘@’ is not included as standard in the keyboard for someone who applies using mobile.

The complete experience from job posting right through to the employment conditions proposal makes sense. We’ve gone through the various steps tirelessly, so as not to overlook a single detail.  Technically it integrates flawlessly and works excellently together. And with smart reminders you prevent no-shows and candidates are always in the right place at the right time for their interviews.

Use a careersite that works. Make sure your vacancies stand out and make it easy for candidates. Integrate the job vacancy website with Ubeeo ATS. This can be done with a careersite developed by us, a WordPress-plugin or a site previously developed by a third-party developer. It’s not an issue for us either way.

Ensure that candidates experience a pleasant application process that feels smooth and fast. We make the entire process measurable and remove the unnecessary hurdles for candidates. The result is a memorable experience that engages and fascinates candidates, making it easier to retain their interest until they are hired or rejected.

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Effortless mobile job applications

Candidates can apply with mobile or at least start an application process with their mobile. The keyboard of their smartphone automatically adapts to the input field and thanks to two-part forms, uploading a CV is no longer a problem. Of course, it is completely GDPR-proof, thanks to business WhatsApp and other mobile communication tools in Ubeeo.

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.

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Complete candidate portal

Candidates create their personal profile in the candidate portal after applying. They have their profile there, with submitted documents and all information. Including the original vacancy text and their application, or the current status, assessments and all necessary communications. This improves the experience, because candidates always have everything available at hand.


100% inclusive recruitment

Strengthen your employer brand by applying anonymously and 100% inclusive. This produces better results for our clients, as they say themselves.  You have to experience it to believe it. Ubeeo offers truly inclusively recruitment, improve both the candidate experience and the performance of your recruitment department.