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Job marketing

With Ubeeo, you can easily find the candidates you are looking for.

Reach a large, generic target group on LinkedIn and Indeed or search for a specific target group in a niche manner. Ubeeo offers an all-in-one solution for job marketing. 

Find the candidates you are looking for with Google for Jobs, with direct and permanent transfers, or with effective campaigns. In Ubeeo it all comes together.


Ubeeo is your all-round solution

Choose the right channel and write the content you want in the job posting. Ubeeo helps you in the process. Have the text in your job postings assessed and use a more user-friendly tools that make the job application process for mobile users easier. Offer candidates the best candidate experience.

Use job marketing the way it was intended. Find all the candidates you are looking for in one ATS. In Googlefor Jobs, via LinkedIn, with permanent and direct transfers and effective campaigns.

Easily share vacancies via all social media platforms and make it easy for candidates to apply. We make sure everything is correct and is delivered properly in the back office.

Make your recruitment marketing measurable with Google Analytics. Ubeeo keeps track of exactly what you want to know, so that you have insight into what is important and make better decisions.

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Google for jobs

Use Google for Jobs for more reach with your recruitment marketing. You can enter the necessary job vacancy characteristics for this, such as the location, the type of employment and, if necessary, the salary. You can also easily enter a Google for Jobs title for better findability on your vacancy (SEO).

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.

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Direct and permanent transfers

Use Ubeeo for direct transfers, thanks to integration with LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and And use Ubeeo for permanent transfers on other job boards where you want to post vacancies. This is possible with our partner Mimir, so you can simply manage and keep track of your vacancies in one place.


Run effective campaigns

Decide how much publicity you want for each campaign. Ubeeo can be integrated with VONQ and Brockmeyer, for example. Use their campaign modules and manage your campaigns clearly in one place.