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Evaluate candidates

Fast and efficient.

Candidates are assessed at various stages of the selection process: by recruitment as part of the pre-selection, by a hiring manager after an interview, or by a selection panel after an interview round. Ubeeo offers a unique way to support the evaluation process with folders.

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Pre-selection by recruitment? Fast and efficient!

If a pre-selection is required, recruitment likes to do this quickly and efficiently. The candidate overview gives recruiters the option to browse through CVs, motivation letters and/or application forms. Candidates can easily be selected, especially in this phase, and then rejected in bulk.


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Simple thumbs up/down rating

The easiest way to evaluate is using the thumbs up/down method. Thumbs up and the candidate moves on to the next round. Thumbs down and the process ends there. And if you’re not sure yet, then a handshake is enough for now. Each evaluation can include a comment. And if you assess with several people, one person can be assigned for the final verdict.

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STAR-method? Assessment questions!

Besides the thumbs-up/down assessment, it’s also possible to add assessment questions. These questions can be related to competencies and different phases of the selection process. Each member of a selection panel can add his or her opinion based on a 10-point scale. An average score is calculated per candidate per question, and across all questions.


Quick results

After the assessment, the candidates can be processed by recruitment: reject poorly assessed candidates and invite candidates with a positive assessment for the next round. These steps can of course be performed in bulk.