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Ubeeo recruitment software

Ideal for organisations with 250 to 1,000 employees.

When recruitment software is running well you want to keep using it more. That’s why we don’t charge anything extra once you’ve got the hang of it. Use Ubeeo for all job postings and all preferred candidates you’d like to have apply. Unlimited. 

Ubeeo can be integrated with more (HR) systems than you could imagine. Integrate our ATS with a career site that really works, including the largest organisations in the Netherlands. We’ve reinvented mobile recruitment, before it became popular.

Offer candidates a hide-button for their mobile job applications, let them schedule their own interviews and prevent no-shows. Choose Ubeeo for rock-solid employer branding, more connections than you can imagine and recruitment software that finally quantifies the data you really want.

Automate and optimise: save time

Save valuable time. We unburden you of the automation process, so you don’t have to waste time. Ubeeo is already user-friendly for you, as standard. Save hours every week, thanks to a logical workflow, candidates scheduling their interviews, and automatic reminders

Candidates can apply via a QR-code or link, completely mobile. That is, they start off on a mobile device and just hit the pause-button if necessary. They then complete the application on their PC, where they can add a CV, for example. And the pause-button? Of course, they don’t even have to press it themselves, we automatically save the progress for them.

Invite candidates to schedule their interview, when it suits them. They get suggested time slots based on the availability of the recruiters and HR department. So you don’t have to think about that part, while you oversee the process and continue to build a stronger employer brand.

Thanks to automatic reminders for candidates, you avoid no-shows, making the process more efficient. In addition, candidates receive a handy route planner, so they know exactly where they need to be. Or schedule interviews via Teams and Google Meet, including automatic video link.

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Employer branding with a careersite that really works

Build a careersite that really works, integrate with an existing website or the web developer can develop a website. With us, you can decide for yourself. You’re the one in charge. We ensure seamless integration. The same as some of the largest organisations in the Netherlands, who also opted for Ubeeo.

Manage all your job marketing using Ubeeo

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More integrated solutions than you can imagine

Ubeeo integrates seamlessly with more application that you can imagine. We’re not exaggerating. So just think about the solutions you wish to integrate within the existing framework. Most likely there are a couple which you’d forgotten about.


Measurable and simplified: we've done our homework

We are programmers, our strength lies in providing measurable and simplified solutions. We’ve done the necessary homework for you, so you can focus on measuring important data that makes a difference. Set up the dashboard with data that gives you direct insight into what’s working and what is not.

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The guidance you deserve

You cannot build a reliable structure, without a solid foundation. We therefore take a period of 13 weeks to complete the implementation. This offers the guidance you deserve, with attention to what is really important. And for those weeks? Before you know it they’ve passed, so we don’t waste a single second once we get underway.