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Employer branding

All your communications in your employer brand

Clearly communicating the employer brand (the employer image) is an important first step in finding the right candidates. A good first impression of the company values, culture and colleagues is important for candidates. After all, they want to know whether it’s a good fit (or not) with an organisation. 

The careersite as the basis for your employer brand

The careersite is often the focal point for recruitment, and viewing that site is usually one of the first steps that potential candidates take. It therefore determines the image of your organisation as an employer: the employer brand. It’s essential that the careersite looks good and is user-friendly.

We use techniques and methods that ensure a seamless integration of the (corporate) website or careersite with Ubeeo ATS. Findability of vacancies, creating a positive ‘user experience‘ and maintaining the desired corporate identity are key.

Is the careersite ready for renewal? Then Ubeoo is what you are looking for! We also combine the best technology, interaction design and brand design for completely new careersites.

All communications in Ubeeo with the desired look & feel

With our recruitment system you can send personalised emails to candidates. By completing just a few fields in the back office, you can send every applicant a full, personalised email. In the preferred corporate identity: completely aligned with the employer brand. So you spend less time on recruitment administration, while making sure it comes across well to the applicant

In addition to all the emails sent to your candidates in Ubeeo, it also includes the employment conditions proposal. The automatically generated PDF in a user-friendly layout designed with the corporate identity of your organisation, incorporates all the necessary information for the candidate.

You can also organise your internal communications using Ubeeo: automatic system emails and all other internal emails are nicely designed in your own corporate identity