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Mobile job applications

All forms fully adaptive and responsive

Mobile job applications are standard for more and more organisations. Mobile phones and tablets are the primary devices used by candidates for job applications. All our forms are fully adaptive and responsive. Candidates can start mobile and finish the application on the PC later.

Easy mobile job applications

Adaptive and responsive forms that automatically resize according to the screen the candidate is using. The form fills the width of the screen, and the font size adjusts automatically. This means that candidates can enjoy user-friendly forms on every smartphone and tablet.

You can also make mandatory documents optional when applying on a mobile. Candidates can continue with the job application, even if they cannot yet upload a CV or motivation letter via Dropbox or another cloud service.

Candidates who share their location, can use the careersite to instantly see available job vacancies in their area. They simply enter the maximum distance themselves, after which an overview of vacancies in the area appears.

Start mobile and finish on a PC

Candidates can start on a mobile phone or tablet and then complete the application on a PC. Are there still questions open in one of the sections? Documents that still need to be uploaded? By finishing the application later on a PC, candidates can still complete the process.

Candidates automatically receive an email if they apply mobile, but don’t complete the application. This reminds them of the missing documents or to answer any pending question.

Candidates who prefer to apply on a PC can forward the vacancy to themselves from a mobile device. This way they are informed, you get their attention and you provide an opportunity to manage the application in the preferred way.