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Talent pool

Always have candidates ready

Create talent pools with candidates that you want to save for specific vacancies. Use a tag for a talent pool. Assign that tag to candidates who have the right skills or matching characteristics.

Make it easy for yourself

Avoid losing sight of talent with a talent pool. Collect interesting candidates by assigning them a specific tag. Use a tag for unique skills, talents or other valuable qualities.

Easily find all candidates based on their tag. Categorise candidates and maintain an overview. So you immediately have a list of suitable candidates for the next specific vacancy.

Tags, talent pools and matching

Create talent pools with our candidate tags. Filter candidates based on a tag or use our matching module. Select which tag is important for the vacancy and discover the best match at the click of a button

Thanks to tags, talent pools and matching, you make things easier for yourself.
Find the candidate you’re looking for with Ubeeo.