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Use a careersite that works. Make sure your job postings stand out and make it easy for candidatest to apply.

The website contributes to your employer branding, and enables candidates to apply for jobs easily. The website combines an attractive design, smooth functionality, and centralizes all information effectively.

Integrate the website for job postings with the Ubeeo ATS. This can be achieved through a careersite developed by us, a WordPress plugin, or a site previously developed by a third-party. It’s not an issue for us either way.


Integrate the website exactly the way you want

You can use the careersite exactly as you wish. Enable both external candidates and existing employees to apply. Whether you prefer advanced automation or a simple approach, Ubeeo is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to your needs.

We build your careersite in WordPress, offering a range of stylish templates meticulously designed to align with your company’s corporate identity. Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.


We integrate effortlessly with any WordPress website. We use a special plugin for this that we developed ourselves. The plugin automatically sets up a lot of the integration already. You decide yourself what it looks like on the website, in consultation with any external web developer.

Are you using another CMS or did an external web developer design the careersite for you? Then they complete the integration. Ubeeo guides the integration process, by providing extensive technical information if necessary, and an online consultation at the start of the project. The web developer always has one point of contact at Ubeeo.

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Internal job postings: intranet or your own website

Use the Intranet or your own website for internal job postings. The decision is yours — prioritize your own employees or provide them with specific information. Use our integrated solutions or let Ubeoo build a mini-website for internal use.

Do you want to put added focus on your employer brand?

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Smart application forms

Use the smart application forms available on the careersite. Thanks to killer questions, matrix questions (rating) or a multisection-form you can configure the form according to the expected response.


Mobile job applications

Our careersite or website integration allows candidates to use mobile job applications. All forms are adaptive and responsive by default, so the size is auto-adjusted according to the candidate’s screen. This enables them to conveniently apply for vacant positions using their smartphone or tablet.


And if the candidate still needs to update their CV or wishes to complete the application later on a PC? Not a problem, each applicant automatically receives an email notification to continue the application