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Inclusive recruitment

For a fair job application process with no discrimination.

Who can argue against equal employment opportunities? Discriminating has severe implications, and it is prohibited under Article 1 of the Constitution of the Netherlands. But it still happens, even if it’s sometimes subconsciously. Ubeeo offers 100% inclusive recruitment. Provide a fair job application process with no discrimination.

Inclusive recruitment with Ubeeo

Ubeeo is completely set up for inclusive recruitment. Inclusive job postings, candidates can apply anonymously and select based on competencies instead of a CV. Ubeeo matches candidates based on their skills.

Thanks to integration with Textmetrics and Cortexter, you can now write inclusive job postings. Check for discriminatory elements, including the language used, that can create a barrier, or the use of ‘he’ or ‘she’ in the text, for example.

Candidates can apply anonymously, for a fair chance. Ignore the first name, last name, gender or age until the screening phase. This leads to the best candidates in the end.

Match candidates based on what they can do, instead of just a cv. Ask competency questions, use online assessments or discover what candidates have to offer using artificial intelligence (AI) based on written texts.

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What are the benefits of inclusive recruitment?

More and more organisations are focusing on inclusive recruitment. It offers all kinds of benefits, such as extra innovation, market representation and talent optimisation. In fact, starting in 2024, the Equal Opportunities & Recruitment Act comes into effect. The recruitment and selection method must demonstrably prevent employment discrimination

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More than just ticking the right boxes

At Ubeeo, inclusive recruitment is not just about ticking the right boxes. We don’t merely help clients meet their quotas, instead we work with a different vision and mindset. We strive for recruitment and selection that provides a balanced reflection of society. Equal opportunities, respect and appreciation are key to us.


Remove unconscious biases

Inclusive recruiting is important, but it’s also a challenge for the mind. Unconscious discrimination requires smart solutions that take natural psychological tendencies into account. Ubeeo avoids prejudices based on personal experiences, cultural norms and social influences.