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Careersite for external candidates

Recruitment site integration

You recruit external candidates with job postings that stand out. You post those vacancies on the website. Thanks to seamless integration of our ATS with the website, you can effortlessly post the vacancies and integrate them into the full Candidate Journey. Discover how we integrate and connect with every careersite.

Seamless integration

Thanks to seamless integration of our ATS with the website, you can easily integrate vacancies into the full Candidate Journey. This makes it easier to maintain an overview and candidates can apply directly on the website using smart application forms. Naturally, our integration is especially suited for easy use of mobile job applications.

We also create a candidate portal within the integration. A candidate views the application(s) and can create job vacancy alerts. That way everybody stays in the loop. We integrate our own web designs, with all WordPress websites and with websites by third part- web developers.

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Ubeeo web design

Ubeeo can create a professional careersite in WordPress. Choose from a selection of stylish templates, which we design in detail according to your company’s corporate identity. Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.


Manage all your job marketing using Ubeeo

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For WordPress

We integrate our ATS effortlessly with any WordPress website. We use a special plugin for this that we developed ourselves. The plugin automatically sets up a lot of the integration already. You decide yourself what it looks like on the website, in consultation with any external web developer.


Third party web developer

Do you use a different CMS or did a third-party web developer create the careersite? Then they complete the integration. Ubeeo guides the integration process, by providing extensive technical information if necessary, and an online consultation at the start of the project. The web developer always has one point of contact at Ubeeo.