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Recruitment administration

An ATS that truly works for you.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is, in the most literal sense of the word, a system that ensures the administration and management of vacancies and applicants. Our recruitment software goes much further than that. Working with Ubeeo easy, thanks to the highly user-friendly look & feel. We are currently working on a new version that is even more intuitive and also suitable for use on tablets!

Everything displayed on your own dashboard

Every user in Ubeeo ATS has their own ‘dashboard’ with quick access to all the important information they need. The various panels are draggable so you can arrange your dashboard the way you want.

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Candidate screen

All information for each candidate can be found in a clear candidate screen: CV, letter or diplomas, current applications and closed applications. You can also see whether important action is required for the relevant candidate. In the candidate screen you can straightaway carry out various steps.

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Process data easily with Excel-Grids

There are quite a few recruitment systems available on the market, but one of our biggest competitors often turns out to be Excel. We therefore created a kind of built-in spreadsheet functionality in Ubeeo ATS. If you request a list of all candidates for a specific vacancy in our back office, or a list of job postings, you can easily display and organise it exactly how you want.

Combine our fresh web design with seamless integration.


Personalised application forms

In Ubeeo ATS you can work with multiple application forms that you can customise yourself. In doing so, you ask questions that are relevant to the job posting. It’s also possible to link scores to questions and answers. Based on the score you can decide on the follow-up action, by either sending out an invite, choosing to reject or store in the database.

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Customise application processes according to preference

Ubeeo ATS is completely designed according to your organisation’s recruitment process. Whether it’s invites, rejections, meetings, transfers to another department or the offer of an employment contract. In whichever order. The system does not force any particular order if you do not want it, it can be customised completely according to your preferences. This applies to both the ‘front’ (what the applicant sees and has to fill in) and the ‘back office’ the recruiter uses. We have never actually had a question we could not find a solution to.


Searching & Matching

Ubeeo offers the standard option to search/filter candidates by things such as first name, last name, email address, or terms such as company names or a specific technology you are looking for. The contents of CVs are also assessed. We also offer a Smart Search & Match module that makes it possible to search smarter. This allows you to search for a CV that is similar to your favourite candidate CVs.