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Webinar: Multicasting with Brockmeyer and Roadtrip

Webinar Brockmeyer Roadtrip

Pushing your job posting to the job boards where your top candidates can be found? With Brockmeyer and Ubeeo, you can do this in no time. By multicasting your jobs, you save yourself the trouble of having to take action separately with each provider. And that saves time! Time you can invest, for example, in looking at the results of such a campaign – by linking this data with Google Analytics you get a lot of interesting information about your candidates and you can target even better in your sector. Roadtrip takes care of linking this for you. So, are you looking for a way to distribute your jobs even better and analyze data from campaigns. In this webinar from Ubeeo in partnership with Brockmeyer and Roadtrip, we’ll tell you all about it.

Watch the webinar here:

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