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Event : Recruitment Tech Trend_Day

The second edition of the Recruitment Tech Trend_Day focused on the latest and most important trends within recruitment technology. Some figures particularly struck us, such as the fact that corporates spent less on recruitment technology in 2023 compared to 2022 and 2021. However, expectations for 2024 are again ambitious. For the corporate market, spending on recruitment technology is predicted to grow by as much as 4.2%. Possibly the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence, will prompt corporates to buck the trend in 2024 and invest more in recruitment technology.

Research has shown that the main focus in 2024 will be on technologies that make the hiring process more efficient and improve the candidate experience. The main areas of investment are “process automation,” recruitment marketing, employer branding, data & dashboards and sourcing & searching.

What we find remarkable is that, in our opinion, data gets too little attention. How can you make a decision if you have no data to back it up? How can you choose a system if you cannot track a candidate journey from website visit to status in your ATS? How can you know if your recruitment marketing is performing well if you can’t compare the numbers? Fortunately, we are hosting a webinar in May for our current clients to show how to measure recruitment marketing.

To stay on top of these developments, we have been participating in events such as Recruitment Tech, TruAmsterdam and partner days for years. In this way, we stay in touch with professionals in the market and gain insight into what is going on and what the new trends are within the corporate market.

(And sometimes we also hear some very crazy things, but that may be something for a future post.)