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Fair price for recruitment software: fixed price per employee

If you compare recruitment software prices, you will discover huge differences. From rock bottom prices for simple packages to high rates per active user with access to the system. It’s basically apples and oranges, very difficult to compare.

Recruitment software prices vary considerably, not least because of different payment models. Some providers adopt the Netflix model and turn a blind eye when users smartly share their accounts, while others charge by the transaction, thereby encouraging economical use of the software.

What we think is the fairest pricing for recruitment software? A fixed price per employee, so the size of the organisation determines the cost of an ATS. Do you work for a large organisation with more recruiters and numerous HR managers or hundreds of others involved in various application processes? Then you pay a higher price than if you work for a smaller organisation in which one recruiter and two HR managers have a maximum of 40 to 50 people accessing the system.

Unlimited use

Our focus is on unlimited use of our recruitment software. Unlimited user access eliminates the need to share accounts among them. For an unlimited number of transactions, allowing you to easily search for the best candidate for every job you put out without having to worry about it.

Unlimited usage based on company size is the fairest payment model for an ATS, in our opinion. It creates peace of mind and encourages active use of the software, which is ultimately what the investment is for.

Paying for employees who do not have access

The main question from many of our clients is why they also pay for ground level employees who do not have access to the recruitment software. We base it on the total number of employees within the organisation, as it is the best indication for the number of users who will need access.

Thanks to our experience, we know how many managers and recruiters work for a given organisation, how many job openings there are, and the number of candidates that apply. We know the relationship between the size of our clients and the number of transactions that take place, so we have a good idea of the average. That average provides the best footing for a fair payment model based on which you and your organisation can make unlimited use of the ATS.

Unlimited live chat and support

And that’s not all. Thanks to our fixed ATS recruitment software prices, you can make unlimited use of our livechat and can always count on expert support. Also if you ‘ve contacted us many times before and it is still not quite clear, or if a colleague has a slightly different question about the software. At Ubeeo, we have unlimited availability because we know we are using a fair payment model.

A fixed price per employee (with access or not) is the most fair payment model for recruitment software. A clear rate based on the size of your organisation. So that you know where you stand and can use the ATS without any restrictions. The fairest way to pay, so we can do our job well and you can find the best candidates.

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