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Webinar: Ubeeo updates in the spotlight

Ubeeo is always on the move. Are you keeping up with the releases? Do you read all the release notes? We would love to take you through our work process sometime. What new features do we have in Ubeeo this year, or have there been helpful updates to existing functionalities? How can you best take advantage of this? Or, what functionality do we want shine a light on right now that will further improve use. All in all, an interesting hour of recruitment sparring.

Topics to expect:

  • WhatsApp. We briefly inspect what this looks like within Ubeeo.
  • Intercom live chat. A year ago we started this.
  • Workflow tasks for shared users. Taking over the work of one of your colleagues has never been easier.
  • WordPress Elementor websites. Fast yet also flexible to build a new careersite.
  • New external links that have recently become available to Ubeeo.
  • And to top it off Spotify and TikTok are embedded, how does that work?

Also, ‘Support Top10’

To start the year-end lists nice and early, we also take you through the Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Support, in the Live Chat or in the tickets you are firing through.

When:  October 24, 2023, 11:00 – 12:00
Who: Ubeeo functional managers. Check the Support chat for the announcement and how to sign up.