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Better communication with your candidate: work on the experience

Communication is key, if you want to improve the Candidate Experience. It immediately gives your candidates a good image of your organisation and thus makes a strong impression. By thinking about use of language and sending reminders by text message, for example. Targeted specifically, exactly when your candidate appreciates it the most, and to prevent no-shows as much as possible.

Communicate better: 5 useful tips

Wondering how to communicate better with your candidate? Use our 5 tips to improve your Candidate Experience:

  • Congratulations instead of thanks
  • Think about the use of language
  • Send confirmations immediately
  • Reminders by text message
  • Use a Google Maps link

Consider the use of language

Your use of vocabulary determines what kind of impression you make on new candidates. A more formal style like the opening of the previous sentence, or more accessible to keep things light-hearted.

Tip: follow the style guide for your communications or use the previously defined marketing personas. The more this is reflected in job postings and communication with candidates, the more likely they are to be a good fit for the company culture within the organisation.

Don’t just use standard texts, but incorporate certain terminology used, for example in sports or typical industry jargon or a few inside jokes that you explain further into the communication. Because you can only make a first impression once, setting the tone for the rest of the process. So your candidate has a better experience and you as an organisation can properly demonstrate how you communicate and what you stand for.

Note: communicate clearly with your candidate? Assume language level B1 or B2, regardless of the style you choose. This ensures good readability.

Send confirmations instantly

Good communication with candidates involves using concise language and a clear narrative. Equally important is to send instant confirmations and not leave candidates waiting too long.

Show that the job application has been received and explain the rest of the process. Even it may take a while before you can provide a conclusive answer. Simply by communicating that you need some extra time. Or by describing more specifically what happens next and when the candidate can expect an answer from you.

Send a confirmation instantly and follow up quickly with the invitation. And stay one step ahead throughout the process, especially after a candidate has proceeded to the next step in the procedure. Confirming the correct choice has been made, as with the initial congratulations or confirmation sent, effectively removes any uncertainty throughout the journey.

SMS reminder

In addition, think about the channel you’re using to communicate with candidates. An email is the standard and most common after a job application. And that matches well with a candidate’s expectations, for example, after a mobile application.

Want to send a reminder to avoid no-shows during an application? Then SMS (or WhatsApp) is probably more appropriate. As a channel that subconsciously emanates more urgency, this is a better fit for a last-minute reminder.

Tip: want to include instructions for the job interview or share a few more tips? Do that a little further in advance and use e-mail, which has less urgency and in which you have more space to explain.

Use a Google Maps link

Make it as easy as possible for your candidate, for example, to easily find the location for the application. Use a Google Maps link in a descriptive email or in the reminder SMS.

Tip: go through the application process yourself or work with test candidates who aren’t yet familiar with your organisation. Try to identify what they are up against and what is unclear, in order to better help them win the process.

Remove as much uncertainty as possible and make it easy, to avoid mistakes and no-shows. This contributes to a better candidate experience while making the application process more efficient. Thanks to better communication and a better experience, to get candidates excited about coming to work for your organisation.

Communicate better with your candidate? Or curious about the rest of our ATS? Contact us, we would love to hear from you.