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Our services

Ubeeo offers more than just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Besides the software, we provide various services that support clients in the use of our software. 

Recruitment site design & development

We are highly experienced in the development of recruitment sites. We combine your preferences with the best of design and technology to create the nicest, best possible solutions.

Integration via smart job application button

Do you already have a good careersite and are you  looking for a recruitment system to manage candidates and job vacancies? Our smart ‘apply’ button provides an ‘invisible’ link between Ubeeo ATS and your recruitment site. Give applicants the option to apply via social media, with a CV, or via a form they need to be complete. Applications can then be processed in Ubeeo ATS.

Firstline support for questions and issues

Contact with our support staff is available in various ways. There is no limit on the access to support. It is a part of the service we offer.

Data security & GDPR

Ubeeo ATS is cloud-based. Our software runs in a data center in Amsterdam managed by Interroute. Availability, security and performance have a high priority at Ubeeo.

GDPR Complient

Ubeeo ATS helps you work within the GDPR regulations. All data is therefore stored within the EU.

ISO 27001: Data security

Our ISO 27001 certification means you can rest assured that your information and data is completely safe with us.

ISO 9001: Quality assurance

We set high standards for quality, client satisfaction, and we are ISO 9001 certified.