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From notification to rejection

Everything in order for a good candidate experience.

The emails you send to candidates during the application process contribute to the feeling you give the applicant and their experience with the organisation. And a good candidate experience is very important: even if the process ends with a rejection. What can you do to easily influence this yourself?

Thank you text on screen

What we at Ubeeo always recommend to our clients is to show a ‘thank you text’ on the screen immediately after the application. This way the applicant knows that the form has been sent and that they will receive an email. They can also contact us if they somehow didn’t receive the email.

Confirmation email

The email sent after an application has been received ideally contains more information than the thank you text on the screen. In the confirmation email, provide a brief explanation of the application procedure and after how many days the candidate can expect a response. It is important that the candidate has the opportunity to respond, a no-reply email address is frustrating and does not leave a welcoming feeling. Also provide a signature with a personal name, email address and telephone number, so that the candidate can contact us.

Give the candidate a positive feeling

Invitations for interviews, requests for additional information as well as rejections, also help determine the feeling you leave with an applicant. In an invitation, for example, provide some tips for preparing for an interview and inform the applicant when feedback will be provided. Rejections sent to applicants must also be polite and informative: In a rejection letter (usually an email of course!), clearly describe why the candidate has been rejected or provide the opportunity to request clarification. Especially if a candidate has been in for an interview, it is more personal to make the rejection by telephone. The rejection by email of course only serves as confirmation. Always thank the applicant for their efforts and wish him or her luck in finding a new job. Never forget that today’s applicant could also be a (future) client or someone who may be a good fit for your organisation in the future… Keep that in mind when writing your emails! Here we have a template of an application rejection letter. Enter information between the commas. You can quickly and easily send these types of personalised rejections via our recruitment system