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What is CV parsing?

CV parsing software automatically processes data contained in CVs. This means applicants can enter their data much faster, as they don’t have to fill in each field in the application form separately. Ubeeo ATS also includes a parsing module.

Parsing means to ‘break down into components’, which is exactly what this process entails. The information contained in a CV is analysed and broken down, after which it is automatically stored in the correct place in the recruitment system. This breaking down into logical components – also called syntactic components – is applied in various ways in the Ubeeo ATS.

The data from the CV is directly converted into a structured candidate profile in the recruitment system. The recruiter therefore immediately has a lot of information at their disposal about the candidate in the system. This doesn’t just concern basic information such as name, address, place of residence, email address, but also includes work experience, skills and, for example, hobbies. CV parsing saves time: for the candidate as well as the recruiter!