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Is it a Cloud-based solution?

Ubeeo ATS is a Cloud-solution.

Ubeeo has many precautions in place to ensure the software is always available. There are of course instances in which we have zero influence, that can potentially lead to a system failure. In the event of a system failure, a step-by-step plan is in place to ensure the service is up and running as quickly as possible. The entire infrastructure (hardware, software, network) is designed in such a way (hardware redundancy, two power supplies and two emergency power supplies in a fault-tolerant automatic failover cluster) that the application continues to run in the event of a hardware defect. All data storage takes place on a managed SAN environment with mirrored disks (RAID-5). Full tape backups of the web and database server are made daily. These tapes are stored at Winnersh Triangle data centre and managed with Netbackup Servers. During the backup process, the tapes are automatically checked for errors.

When it comes to hardware, no resources have been spared in preventing activity considered to be unlawful, irregular and outside the scope of intended use. The database and web server are physically separated and are both protected by a firewall.

The software itself is written completely in Oracle. No use is made of so-called shell software. Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates are implemented each quarter.