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Savanne van Holst

Implementatie Consultant

“Hi! My name is Savanne and I have been working at Ubeeo as an Implementation Consultant since 2021. In this role I supervise the implementation of our ATS at various organisations. I set up the system so that it fits seamlessly with the recruitment process of your organisation. I am also happy to be involved in the process with you and provide advice where necessary. You will not only be working with me during the implementation of the ATS, I am also available for training and change requests. Do you want to optimise the use of the matching functionality? No problem! And if you want to propose employment conditions to a candidate with just a few clicks, then that’s also possible!”

“Do you plan to start implementing Ubeeo soon or have you been using our system for a long time? Then we look forward to talking to you soon! See you then!”


+31 10 820 29 10