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Armand Boets

Customer Support Specialist

“I have been working at Ubeeo as a Customer Support Specialist since January 2022. Before this I worked for various different organisations. In the recruitment world and beyond, working in various roles for private and non-profit organisations. Ease of use and helping clients get the best out of the product or service have always been a common thread for me in these jobs.

At Ubeeo I am responsible for the support department and it is my (our) goal to manage the growing demand for support at Ubeeo in the best possible way. As the number of users increases, we also receive more and more questions and requests. With the help of automation and self-service (including. FAQs, product tours and videos) we’re trying to overcome this and answer or solve user questions and requests as efficiently as possible. Without losing sight of the personal aspect and the quality that our clients are used to.”

Customer support, recruitment, usability

+31 10 820 29 10