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What options does it give in terms of reporting?

Our recruitment software Ubeeo ATS includes 8 types of reporting as standard:

  1. CBS reporting
  2. Numer of applicants / new employees
  3. Lead time
  4. Recruitment sources for new employees
  5. Recruitment sources applicants
  6. Funnel reporting
  7. Pipeline reporting
  8. Vacancies

Each report can be customised by means of parameters, for example period, aggregation level (organisation, department, recruiter, candidate). In particular, setting the period allows the user to schedule reports (“send me the CBS report for the previous quarter on the first day of the new quarter,”).

In addition to standard reports, ReportBuilder offers a quick method to build complex reports yourself and we can also build custom reports on request. All reports can be exported directly to native Excel. Using the Ubeeo Analytics module, reports can be displayed in a business intelligence dashboard in clear charts and tables.