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What kind of workflows are included in the recruitment system?

The customer’s application process is leading when setting up Ubeeo ATS. The organisation determines which steps are included in the process. Invitations, rejections, required interactions, transferring a candidate to a vacancy in another department, an assessment, or offering an employment contract, it’s all arranged according to your needs and preferences.

The user can provide all the different phases of the process a candidate will need to go through: send an invitation for a meeting, request additional information, reject or accept the application. Everything is clearly arranged under one button: the options button where you select the preferred action.

These settings can be entered for each candidate. Or the user can do a so-called bulk update: moving multiple candidates to the next phase or rejecting a group of candidates simultaneously. This saves valuable time.

All sent emails and various steps in the process are kept in the candidate file. As a user you can access all the information there.